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The author is pleased to announce that an out-of print title, The Story of Renfrew Vol. II, has been reprinted by Global Heritage Press of Milton, Ontario.  They have recently reprinted two more of her popular titles,  Peter Robinson’s Settlers and The Lanark Society Settlers. They may be ordered from the author as usual, or from Global’s website,

Carol’s latest non – fiction work is The St. Gabriel’s Memory Book, published in 2012 by the St Gabriel’s Historical Preservation Committee. This is the story of the little pioneer Catholic church at Springtown, Ontario, situated close to the Madawaska River between Burnstown and Calabogie. Members of the group hope to preserve the structure as a heritage landmark.

Early chapters recount the history of the mission. In the early days there was a chapel here known as St. Mary’s, followed by St Gabriel’s itself from its opening in 1854 to closure in 1952. A St. Mary’s parish directory is included; this was compiled from data obtained from various sources including church registers.

A large section of the book contains the memories of people who attended St Gabriel’s in its latter years, or have stories passed down to them from family members.

The final section honours those people known to be buried in the graveyard surrounding the church. The wording on the tombstones is reproduced exactly as it appears on the gravestones, although there are many misspellings there. Many of the early pioneers were illiterate and surnames became modified over the years. Biographical data is included on each person, where available.
Twenty pages of photos, both in colour and black and white, are located in the middle of the book.

Carol continues to write fiction under the pen name Catriona McCuaig. She is currently writing more Pocket Novels for D. C. Thomson & Co of Dundee, Scotland.
These are 50,000 word novels published in paperback format in Britain and are not available in Canada. However, most of her work is also available in Ulverscroft large print library editions, available for borrowing in North America.

Her new series character is midwife Maudie Rouse who works in an English village in the late 1940s. The Second World War is over but the killing continues; murder seems to follow Maudie around. The seventh Midwife Maudie mystery is due out in December, 2014.

Good news!
A partial box of the book People of St Patrick’s has recently been discovered. While stocks last customers may purchase copies at $25.00 each, plus postage as listed in the section ‘how to order.’
The book was published in 1993 at the time of the 150th anniversary of St Patrick’s Parish, Mount St Patrick, Ontario. The present stone church, completed in 1869, replaced two earlier structures, the first of which was a log chapel known as All Saints. This is the mother parish of the Pembroke Diocese.
Over the years many people have asked if they can get a copy of this book, only to be disappointed. Now is your chance to purchase what has become a collectable!
Earlier funds from sales of the book went to restore the glorious Casavant organ in the church, with money left over going towards the stained-glass window restoration fund. Proceeds this time around will be added to the roof repair fund.