How to Order

To order books, a cheque or money order should be mailed to:

Mrs Carol McCuaig
127 McCuaig Road
R. R. 2
Renfrew, ON
K7V 3Z5

Your order can be processed more quickly if you also send the details by e-mail; it will be packaged and held ready to ship as soon as payment arrives.

Bargains! Bargains! Bargains!
When you buy two or more books, you are entitled to a 20% deduction.
When you choose three or more books you may receive a complimentary book, your choice of Invisible Women or In Search of the Red Dragon. Both books come highly recommended by reviewers. In Search of the Red Dragon received the Ninnau Award in the USA for its contribution to North American Welsh culture.

Cost of shipping to individual customers is $12 for the first book, plus $1.50 for each additional book. The author regrets that she is no longer able to ship outside Canada. Most of her non fiction books can be purchased from
Shipping to bookstores will be based on weight.

Family historians
For customers researching their family history and hoping to find clues in any of Carol’s books intended for genealogists, it is suggested that you submit family names of interest to the author, who will let you know if the books are likely to be useful. This gives you the option of changing your order if desired.

Books cannot be returned unless they are damaged in the mail. If you receive a damaged book, please do not return the package but contact the author for a replacement.

Books, articles and stories by Carol Bennett McCuaig are protected by copyright law. Apart from quoting brief passages in reviews, copying material from these works and placing it on the Internet is strictly forbidden. Customers purchasing books for family research may include their family data in their personal publications or online write-ups if the source is mentioned. (Author, publisher, ISBN number and book title.)

Warning: Please note that Carol McCuaig sells books directly to her valued American customers. No store or agency in the USA has been authorized to sell those of her books which are still in print, or to reprint her out-of-print books. Such works being offered online by American firms are pirated editions. The author receives absolutely nothing from such illegal sales.
This of course does not refer to bona fide Canadian book shops and genealogy suppliers which have purchased her books for resale.
While it is legal for American companies to sell second-hand copies of her books, customers should be aware that in many cases hugely inflated prices are being charged for such books, most of which are still in print and available from this web site at a fraction of the cost!

If you wish to contact Carol, please send e-mail to